Becky Clarke

Company director Becky is a woman of many talents. Mum to two teenage daughters, a dog and some chickens, she has had adventures in many corners of the world.

Born in Reading, Becky lived in Warwick until she was 18 at which point she ventured off on her first adventure as an au pair to 4 children in New England.

Having caught the travel bug, she then went on to live on a Kibbutz in Israel. In her early 20s, our adventurous Becky moved over to the Caribbean to work on the tall sailing ships where she found herself working as Entertainments Director whilst sailing throughout the Caribbean, Venezuela and Florida.

When she was ready for her next adventure, Becky qualified as a PADI rescue diver whilst running a dive shop in the British Virgin Islands.

Working as the Executive administrator and fundraiser for VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue) organization demonstrates Becky’s strong interest in giving back to the community.

Having decided to move back to the UK in 2010, Becky’s boutique clothing agency ‘Exquisite Mistakes’ was born, which acted as her outlet for her creativity and eye for design.

After then going on to work as a much-loved post woman, this still wasn’t enough for Becky and she went the extra mile by becoming a presenter for the Royal Mail’s internal TV channel.

We are now incredibly lucky to have Becky and her wondrous and endless stories with us at​ Robur Properties Limited

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